Pride? What pride?

Pride? What Pride? What weakness?! 😉 yep, pride is also my greatest enemy. Pride encourages me to try harder, not to expose my failings, not to get ‘caught’. Pride helps me offer up excuses rather than humbly confess. It tells me I am not failing, it’s just everyone else isn’t working right! Pride tells me, my way is best, and that if everyone agreed with me the world would be a much better place 😉 Then grace rolls in… A bit like the bowling ball, and knocks all my pins flying?! This totally upsets everything as I don’t understand it, and I certainly can’t earn it! What does it say to me in my failures? “You are not God”. It causes me to acknowledge my fragility, my non-superhumaness (is there such a word) and to acknowledge God. Then it causes me to be grateful. To feel loved. To feel worthy, not because of my own efforts but because of Gods efforts…. This helps me take that deep breath and admit my weaknesses, because I don’t have to be strong; I don’t have to perform; I don’t have to “have it all together” because He has. Grace is a gasp of fresh air when I am drowning in the ‘sea of self’. Grace empowers me when I’m losing the battle. 


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